Fabio and Daniel: “We walk hand-in-hand .. It should all be normal..”

“We walk hand-in-hand not because we think it is important to do that, but because this is something normal or that should be. . .


“..His reasons for hiring me were simple, I was honest, always neat AND gay..”

“I was thinking today how it was for me before I came out of the closet. I had a crush on a classmate. A quiet, sweet blond boy. I was bullied because I was apparently very gay back then, while I wasn’t really aware of it or even understood it. . .

Maxime Hallatu

“..Considering myself as an ally of the LGBTQ+ community..”

“I always carried the philosophy that everyone should choose whatever they wish for. Therefore I am considering myself as an ally of the LGBTQ+ community while I’m heterosexual myself. A few years ago, I made a friend and he told me about his coming out to his parents and it resulted in him being rejected by namely his father. . .

XY Chelsea

Filmrecensie: XY Chelsea (2019); IDFA Queer day (Nederlands).

Beoordeling: ✯✯✯✯ – 4/5. XY Chelsea (2019) heeft mij geboeid van het begin tot het einde. Het verhaallijn heeft een erg mooie opbouw. Hawkins zorgt ervoor dat iedereen die de situatie van Chelsea Manning niet kent aan het einde goed geïnformeerd is. Naar mijn mening vind ik het belangrijk om te zien hoe een heel land verdeeld kan raken door slechts één persoon. Is zij een heroïne of een verrader?

Alex Kain

Alex Kain: “..It’s okay to identify with gender non-conformity and just be your true self..”

“I believe that the LGBTQI+ community is for and by the community and the concept of empowerment for transgender people is definitely on. . .

Elio Heres

Elio Heres: “If you aren’t yourself, then who are you?”

Elio Heres: “If you aren’t yourself, then who are you? That is my message. My wish is that everyone in the Netherlands, and the world for that matter, will think about that. . .