Humans of Film Festival

Call for feature films, documentaries and shorts.

Humans of Film Amsterdam is currently working on getting funding for a film festival, but we also need to show what films we might show when we apply for funds.

If you know anybody, or maybe yourself, with a film, documentary or short that represents the voice of a human individual, a film that regards awareness, social justice, a person on a mission to make a difference, to change something, to inform us about their situation or someone else’s, a (societal) issue or want their story to be heard. Then please tells us about that film!

We are looking for films and documentaries that are told through the perspective of a person, connected group or subculture from whom we’d maybe otherwise never hear or see anything off. Films about minorities, majorities, all sorts of diasporas’, people of all colors, about gender, lgbtq+ persons & communities, allies, religion, ethnicity, race, politics, cultures, nationalities, statelessness, Amsterdam (local events and or issues), migration, immigration, refugees, poverty, wealth, privilege.

In all these films it is important to notice that the film has been made to raise AWARENESS about serious subjects. Underneath you can find a clear description of the films that we are looking for.

Documentaries (short & Features).
We are looking for strong (portrait) documentaries that give voice and representation to human individuals, or either a filmmaker’s perspective, who are either;
– on a mission to change something in their village, city, country or in the world.
– wanting to tell something important to the world.
– living in particular circumstances that have been documented to raise awareness (either health reasons, socio-economic, etc).
– fighting for social justice (with this we do not per se mean Human Rights, there are other festivals for that).
– attempting to make a difference.
– attempting to raise awareness about the environment.
We are looking for;
– innovative, modern documentaries full of perspectives.
– NO typical TV documentary styles,
– NO talking heads or interview-based styles.
– Let the people or the filmmaker (preferably seen on camera, not just narration) in the film speak!

Fiction films (features & shorts)
We are looking for strong feature films that give voice and representation to the story of a human individual from a filmmaker’s perspective, who made the film;
– to raise awareness.
– to tell the stories of people who went through these events.
We believe that these films can;
– NOT be pure entertainment films!
– NOT be blockbusters! For this film festival.
– be told best in a drama genre format and NOT a fantasy, pure action, horror movie genres, etc.

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More information will come soon and when we have enough funding we will launch the festival website.