Welcome to Humans of Film Amsterdam!

Humans of Film Amsterdam is all about films and the inspiring experiences that we get from films. This is where film reviews, film blogs and stories from humans and lovers of film come all together.

The Film Reviews/blogs

The films that will be reviewed are carefully selected from the press film release list provided by the Film Distributors Netherlands (FDN) which is a branche organisation for movie distributors. When it comes to preference my taste entails classic or promising Hollywood films, Art house, European films, World cinema, Sci-Fi, intriguing documentaries, latin American films and anything that can be considered in a way niche. Every now and then and maybe later on a regular basis you can encounter film blogs, columns and videographic material.

The Human Stories

Instead of solely writing film reviews and film blogs dictated by our own perspectives. I feel it is important to give people a voice and let allow them to share their experiences and opinions about film in general, but also film(s) in particular.

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