Overseas (2019): “..Filipino workers who are portrayed as heroes with an intense emotional layer..”


Photo credits: © 2020 Feargal Agard | HoFA

Overseas (2019) is definitely a must-see! It is a documentary by a female director named Sung-A Yoon that was screened during the CinemAsia Film Festival 2020 and it treats the subject of domestic slavery. Meaning the abuse that can often occur toward workers from the Philippines who work as a housekeeper abroad for a wealthy family, but in this documentary, they also focus on training these future housekeepers in how to protect themselves in the case their work provider abuses them. It’s a very strong documentary about Filipino Workers who are portrayed as heroes with an intense emotional layer. From sexual assault to modern slavery in a light-hearted jacket and a good dose of humor.” – Sioejeng Tsao

Young Jury Coordinator at CinemAsia | Freelance Illustrator, Speaker & Equality Activist | www.Seeyousioe.com

Photo by Feargal Agard

Overseas (2019) premiered at IDFA International Documentary Festival Amsterdam