A Boy and Sungreen | 보희와 녹양 (2018): “..cute and sweet depiction of characters..”

A Boy and Sungreen

A Boy and Sungreen | 보희와 녹양 (2018) is a Korean light comedy-drama film about a teenager boy, Bo-hee (Ahn Ji-ho), who finds out that his father is still alive and not dead, which is what he thought to be the case for many years. Bo-hee and his best female friend, Nok-Yang (Kim Ju-a), also known as Sungreen, go on a quest to find out where and who his father really was. I thought it was a cute and sweet depiction of characters trying to find something that is missing from their life. At the same time, the plot portrays a coming-of-age theme. The relationship between Bo-Hee and Sungreen is really sweet and funny. They both are opposites of each other, but they complement and help each other to grow up and deal with serious topics such as bullying, death and finding their true selves. Throughout the film, I noticed that Sungreen and Bo-hee get bothered by people who think that they are a couple, and, in this sense, I can relate. Because when I was a kid and a teenager, I only had male friends and everyone thought I was dating them, which was not true. We were just friends, and, actually, we still are. Even though I am now living in another country, every time we meet it’s like time has never passed by.” – Sofia Murell

Photo and story by Feargal Agard


Director: Ahn Jun-Young | Cast: Ahn Ji-ho, Kim Ju-a, Seo Hyun-woo

A preview review by FilmLAB 2019 participant Sofia Murell. Find out more about her dreams and aspirations, Click Here.

You can see A Boy and Sungreen at the CinemAsia Film Festival 2019 on the 7th & the 9th of March.

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