Scrubs (2001): “..Humor is honestly the most important way of dealing with subjects..”


“When I was a kid I used to like the TV series Scrubs (2001). I still think it’s a great show. I saw myself like the main character J.D. doctor John Dorian (Zach Braff) and I remember that I had to write a short essay as a kid for English class. The point of this simple exercise was to learn comparative writing by literally comparing yourself to a person. So I compared myself to the main character of Scrubs because we both liked similar things and we both have Brown hair. I did that when I was 13, 14 years old and back then I wanted to become a doctor. Surprise, surprise I ended up being a communication science student in Amsterdam. Science, but not actually science if you know what I mean. Anyway, what I liked about Scrubs is that the TV show’s basic trope was that of a guy that everyone could relate to. I kind of see myself in that way. I like to think that I’m an important person, starring in my own show. No, not really, I’m just kidding.”

“I am more the opposite when I think of it now. The thing is usually people say that drama shows or films have a bigger impact on people, but I feel that’s just because of the music. What has a bigger impact on me are comedy shows, such as Scrubs or Seinfeld (1989). Humor is honestly the most important way of dealing with subjects. Comedy basically allows you to laugh at your self because you can recognize yourself in these characters. Sometimes we take things too seriously and that actually makes the ‘fire’, metaphorically of course, bigger. With humor, we can acknowledge that the issue is there and we can laugh about its limitations and we keep that ‘fire’ contained. Even ignorance can be used in a funny way because people are really able to think like that, which is absurd, but through these shows they make you acknowledge how silly ignorance can be.”

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.

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