Ultimos Dias en La Habana (2016): “..The subject is very touching it made a bit quiet..”

Ultimos Dias en La Habana

“I can definitely connect with Ultimos Dias en La Habana (2016), because I have been to Havana, Cuba last year and we enjoyed our stay it was super fun. The film is about Miguel who is taking care of his old school friend Diego who is a gay AIDS patient living out his last days. While Miguel is dreaming of a chance of living in the United States. Seeing the images of the film is very recognizable and the city plays a huge role throughout the movie. The acting was very outstanding and the entire film felt like a total art piece that breathed the atmosphere from Havana. The subject is very touching it made a bit quiet because it was conveyed in such a beautiful way. The only thing that missed was the music. I mean it was there, but It wasn’t in the typical Havana style. I would have preferred the type of music that I heard over there. I have never seen the lives of AIDS patients in Havana or someone dying of AIDS over there, but what I have seen is the living circumstances. You can notice a big difference between the living standards in Cuba and the Netherlands. But I am aware that the medical care isn’t that bad at all.”

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.