CinemAsia Film Festival 2018 Interview ENG: André Kloer.

André Kloer
CinemAsia Film Festival is from the 6th till the 11th of March 2018.

Interview by: Feargal Agard | FilmLAB participant: André Kloer.

Film: Civil Integration (Inburgering, 2018) | Genre: Komedie | Languages: Dutch, Mandarin (Chinese).

I am André Kloer.

“I am André Kloer and I studied Dutch literature. Because I went into journalism I ended up at Het Financieele Dagblad with the video editorial department. I really wanted to start working with film right away. I often involved myself with film during my studies, so it’s not really ‘out of the blue’. My father had experienced the war and therefore encouraged me to study something that offers more certainty. While I’m actually more of an artistically minded person, but he has influenced me. I did not go to a film academy and went to university instead.”

“What I find the most interesting about film is the story that is being told. That of course also happens with literature except you describe things so that people can create a picture in their head. With film, you do that in a different way. You display images that can also evoke other images in a person, of the present or the past. So I worked for a while in journalism and ended up in video and documentary production as a Director of Photography and director. Over the past 10 years, my expertise and enthusiasm in video production has grown to the point that I’m mainly into ‘storytelling’. Film has always been a thing for me, and it was entirely logical that I continued with it.”

Civil integration (Inburgering, 2018).

Civil integration (Inburgering, 2018) is a comedy in which the Dutch Nancy takes frantic efforts to familiarize herself with the Chinese language in order to make a good first impression on her Chinese mother-in-law. She has no flair for languages. The stress that this generates is only worsening, because of the perfectionism of her Chinese partner Dalong.This leads to a Chinese nightmare that unfolds in Nancy’s head. Within this project I worked as a Director of Photography and as an editor, I was responsible for the image of the film.”

“stereotyping about the Chinese culture.”

“The film wants to present stereotyping about the Chinese culture as it exists in Dutch and Western society in a funny way, but also that stereotypes tend to emerge when there’s stress or restlessness. The main character experiences tremendous stress, her friend is also ‘uptight’, and she gets stressed and that’s why all those delusions come up. If she was relaxed, the situation would have been very different for her. Stereotypes are out there already, but it’s good to be aware of them.”

“CinemAsia FilmLAB is a special opportunity.”

“CinemAsia FilmLAB is a special opportunity to participate professionally with a large film crew in a completely professional production process. From arranging the financing (via crowdfunding) to using high-end gear, post production up to the screening at the festival. The organization of FilmLAB wanted to convey the complete creative process of making a film and they have succeeded in that, and I am grateful to have been able to participate.”

“Make more documentaries and tell stories.”

“In the future, I hope to make more documentaries and tell stories that touch people. I realize this year that I want to read books and professional literature because I have not been able to take any time for this in recent years. I want to expand sense for film by looking at other creative sectors. Because I’ve already seen a lot of films, but that’s more on an intuitive level.”

“In the past four years I filmed in Indonesia where my roots are, but I didn’t edit anything as of yet. My relationship with my parents was very difficult and also with my brothers and sisters. That’s why I wanted to know if my uncle, the brother of my father if he is also very difficult in relationships just like my father. My uncle turns out to be a completely different person than my father. My uncle is a family man. Half of his children are Muslim and the other half are Christian and he himself is an atheist in a country where that is actually not possible. In addition, my father is not really down with Islam as a religion, he is still more conservative.”

Photo and interview by Feargal Agard.

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