Humans of Film Amsterdam column in ‘De Film Krant’.

I have awesome news!

A Dutch film newspaper named “De Filmkrant” has offered to collaborate with my Humans of Film Amsterdam photo-storyblog. Dutch readers will be able to read a new story every month in my column on the 5th page of this newspaper. We can definitely talk about it being a September issue, because the first story is out now and you can find this newspaper in almost every movie theatre in the Netherlands, but also online as a pdf.

Checkout the 5th page!:

For English: you can always read the stories and more on the official Humans of Film Amsterdam website:

About ‘De Filmkrant’.

De Filmkrant is the biggest independent Dutch film newspaper/magazine that caters to an extensive audience. They were established in 1981 and are known for being a reliable and critical monthly magazine. That discusses all the national and foreign films that are released in the Netherlands. Within their focus they put emphasis on the ‘better’ films. Through their distribution in film theaters and cinemas, film festivals and much more, ‘De Filmkrant’ has become prominent in Dutch film culture.

A big thank you to Dana Linssen editor in chief of ‘De Filmkrant’ and her team for showing interest in the stories and offering this unique collaboration.

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