Black Mirror (2011): “Soul song by Irma Thomas, ‘Anyone Who Knows What Love Is’.”

“The first thing that comes to my mind is the TV series Black Mirror (2011) on Netflix. It is such a good TV series. It’s about the near future and how all these electronic devices and our technological revolution will affect our lives. Every episode has its own story and its own technologies and electronic devices. For example, there is one episode with a device that records everything you do throughout your whole day. You can rewind it back and see what happened. So, it’s about technology that we will probably have in the near future. In another episode I heard this very old school soul song by Irma Thomas, it is named ‘Anyone Who Knows What Love Is’, would understand. I love this song so much. *Plays the song from her smart phone* It is from the 60’s and this song has sentimental value to me.” – Theresa

“So what happens when the song comes up in the series.” – Feargal

“In this episode people are living underground. My interpretation is that they have to generate energy by constantly having to cycle on a bicycle and they save up points with it. They live in a small cube apartment and the walls of the entire cube apartment are covered with projected filmic images with commercials at all times. Once a year they can participate with an idols-like song contest to become famous and if they win they can live on the earth’s surface. It’s really that crazy. There is this guy, he is the main character, who has lived his entire live underground generating energy on his bike. His brother dies, so he received all the points that he saved up cycling, but he falls in love with a girl and he decides to give all his points to her that he worked so hard for. So, that she can sing at the contest. She sings the song by Irma Thomas so beautifully, but the judges make fun of her and they don’t appreciate her singing. And they tell her that she should go into the porn industry and not the singing industry. The main character is very upset. And then while he is playing games in his cube, he all of a sudden sees the girl that he loves in a sex commercial. This is the coolest TV series that I have recently seen.” – Theresa

“You said the song has sentimental value to you, how come?” – Feargal

“I know this song because when I was little I used to listen to this song and it has sentimental value to me, because I don’t have parents. That song was like my… I don’t know how to explain it. You know how people have a teddy bear during their child hood? So, to me it is a beautiful song that is comparable to a person having a teddy bear from when they were little. That teddy bear gives them a feeling of nostalgia. Which makes you feel safe and that’s how I feel when I hear that song. You can also have that with food from when you grew up. It is just like feeling at home. I also think it is so beautiful because it is the way I am. The song is about love. It is my love song, my teddy bear, my comfort song.” – Theresa

Photo take by Feargal Agard
Story written by Feargal Agard