Beauty and the Beast (2016): “If you aren’t yourself, who are you then?” Always be yourself! No matter what.”

Beauty and the Beast

“Considering that I was just threatened by someone because of my choice of clothing, right before I stumbled upon you. I think this quote from my favorite Disney film is quite fitting. Lumière from Beauty and the Beast says: “You do not have time to be timid. You must be bold and daring”

“There are several possible reactions that you can have when you’re threatened. You could become angry, sad, scared or stronger. Just like Lumière says in my favorite film that there is no time to be timid, but just be bold and daring. That was exactly my response to being threatened”

“And coincidentally this has a relation to my own motto with which I ask the question: “If you aren’t yourself, who are you then?” Always be yourself! No matter what.” – Elio

“After strolling around in Amsterdam doing street photography and later discovering that I had forgotten my SD card at home, which caused me to quickly buy a new one. I encountered a bold and daringly dressed person who wore these huge mirror-like sunglasses and in a way striked me as familiar. It took a moment but I decided to approach this person only to discover (after taking off the sunglasses) that I stumbled upon Elio. Elio is known to be photographed by Debra Barraud of Humans of Amsterdam. What a beautiful coincidence. We truly live in such a small world” – Feargal

Photo taken by Feargal Agard


Elio’s outfit | Photo taken by Feargal Agard

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