Double Blind

Film Review: Double Blind, a ‘short comedy’ (2018).

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ – 3/5. What a hilarious comedy short film about a double date that takes a completely different turn. Definitely a recommendation to festival. . .

Enter the Void

Enter the Void (2009): “..The film makes me think of my dreams and they’re pretty psychedelic..”

I’m painting the view in front of me, but the film that speaks to me most is Enter the Void (2009) by Gaspar Noé with Paz de la Huerta & Nathaniel Brown. . .

Documentary about Amsterdam

Documentary about Amsterdam: “ grandparents…came straight from the Netherlands..”

“I would definitely like to see a documentary about Amsterdam. There’s an interesting history connected to this city. Back when it first came into. . .

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation (2003): “..I see myself as a human being and not..”

“I can definitely relate with Scarlett Johansson’s character in Lost in Translation (2003) by Sofia Coppola. I never fully fitted into a particular culture or country. I grew up in the Netherlands within a community connected to the Korean Protestant church, but to most of them I was very Dutch because. . .

Michael Creutzburg

CinemAsia Film Festival Interview ENG: Michael Creutzburg.

“I am Michael Creutzburg. I am a writer and director of fiction films and I graduated in audiovisual media from the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2015. After my studies, I produced and directed several music videos and short films, some of which went to film festivals. . .

Humans of film

6th Humans of Film Amsterdam column in ‘De Film Krant’: YouTube Brian PusPos.

Humans of Film: The 6th story comes from a young guy I met on the streets of Amsterdam, who is originally from the Philipines. Discover where his passion. . .

Michiel de Ruyter

Michiel de Ruyter (2015): “The story is only told from the Dutch patriotic perspective.”

Michiel de Ruyter (2015) is a great film. I went to the movies with my grandpa who was eager to see this film. It’s just that not the entire story is. . .

Humans of Film Amsterdam rubriek in ‘De FilmKrant’.

Ik heb geweldig nieuws! Een Nederlandse filmmagazine genaamd De Filmkrant heeft aangeboden om samen te werken met mijn Humans of Film Amsterdam foto- en verhalenblog.

Humans of Film Amsterdam column in ‘De Film Krant’.

I have awesome news! A Dutch film newspaper named “De Filmkrant” has offered to collaborate with my Humans of Film Amsterdam photo-storyblog.

Mike: “I happen to like taking selfie photos with Dutch celebrities.”

“What I can tell you about, is about my own hobby. I happen to like taking selfie photos with well-known Dutch television personalities and celebrities. . .