Bali documentaries

Bali documentaries: “I would love to go to Bali one day. It’s my ultimate dream”

“I forgot the name of my favorite Bali documentary, but then again there are so many of them and I watched many different ones. Even on Youtube, you can find many documentaries about Bali which to me is the most beautiful Indonesian island province. . .


AdoleCe (2018): “..The biggest comparison is how my parents disciplined me a lot..”

AdoleCe (2018) is the first film that I saw at this festival and I thought it was a great film. In the beginning, I had to get used to the film and discover its theme. . .

Ri Chang Dui Hua | Small Talk

Ri Chang Dui Hua | Small Talk (2016): “..I haven’t been able to go to school in Taiwan..”

Ri Chang Dui Hua | Small Talk (2016): “My mother, my sister and I left my father’s home to start a better life without him when I was ten years old. Because of this, I haven’t been able to go to school in Taiwan. The education that I did receive was mostly from work, great people I met during my upbringing. . .

Amy Winehouse

Amy (2015) | Avicii: True Stories (2017): “..are you still making music for yourself..”

“We both saw the documentary Amy (2015) about Amy Winehouse. But only one of us saw the documentary of Avicii: True Stories (2017). We are both musicians and just chilling here because we haven’t seen each other in a while. We used to be in an Indie band together, which is why these type of documentaries speak to us…

André Kloer

CinemAsia Film Festival 2018 Interview NL: André Kloer.

Ik ben André Kloer en ik heb Nederlandse literatuur gestudeerd. Doordat ik een journalistieke richting opging kwam ik bij het Financieel Dagblad terecht bij de video redactie. Ik wilde eigenlijk direct met film aan de slag. Ik ben tijdens mijn studie vaker die richting op geweest dus het is echt niet out of the blue…

Nobody's boy Rémi

Nobody’s boy Rémi (1977): “..I noticed that my stories are always about loss..”

Nobody’s boy Rémi (1977): “When I was growing up, there were two films that left a life-long impression with me. I forgot the name of one, but the first was about a family of foxes with seven cubs. The foxes were constantly looking for food, but as the winter became harsher the cubs would die one by one. . .

Grizzly Man

Grizzly Man (2005): “.. I learned you cant force synchronicity to happen..”

“During my studies in Italy, years back, I had this struggle with coincidence or better said, coincidence with a purpose: synchronicity. For me that’s when the magic happens while making a documentary. Like for example Grizzly Man (2005). Life is full of synchronicities. . .

Right Footed & Imba Means Sing: “You find out that people are capable of so many things.”

“What I find most inspiring about film is that you can learn so much from it. I recently saw these two documentaries with my kids, they’re called Right Footed and Imba Means Sing. You find out that people are capable of so many things. . .

Film Review: Zer0 Days (2016).

⭐⭐⭐ – 3/5. Zer0 Days is a documentary film that focuses on a mysterious computer virus, named Stuxnet, that captured the attention of anti-virus and internet security specialists. Although the virus gradually spread all over the world, even into computers of innocent civilians, there is one country where the virus is heavily infested; Iran.

Film Recensie: Zer0 Days (2016)

⭐⭐⭐ Oordeel – Zer0 Days is een documentaire film over een mysterieuze computervirus, genaamd Stuxnet, dat onder de aandacht van de anti-virus en internet beschermingsspecialisten is gekomen. Hoewel het virus geleidelijk verspreid over de hele wereld, ook in computers van onschuldige burgers, is er één land waar het virus het meest voorkomt; Iran.