Complicity (2018): “..It is a film that tells the story of both my mother, grandpa and myself..”


Photo credits: © 2020 Feargal Agard | HoFA

“I recently saw the film Complicity (2018) by Chikaura Kei during the Cinemasia Film Festival and I am very pleased with it. It is a layered story in which a Chinese boy of my generation decides to go to Japan to earn money for his mother and grandmother. It shows a past between China and Japan which is still very sensitive because of the 2nd World War. It is about a story that highlights various topics including life in two different countries/cultures, racism, love, family and our primary necessity of life: food.

For me, Complicity has a very deep meaning. It is a film that tells the story of both my mother, grandpa and myself. Leaving your motherland where you know everything in search of a better future in another country in which you are a minority. Constantly living between two cultures and not knowing where you really belong or will be accepted.

My father was born in Amsterdam, so it mainly concerns my mother and grandfather (father of my father). I notice from my mother that she yearns to go back to Indonesia. She has a certain mindset and can be conservative when it comes to sexuality, tattoos, piercings, but also her voice as a woman and is quite dependent on my father. I notice that our bond strengthens over the years because every year I delve more and more into my Chinese identity. Because I want to know more about it and by that, I’m also trying to get closer to her way of thinking in order to understand it.” – Sioejeng Tsao

Young Jury Coordinator at CinemAsia | Freelance Illustrator, Speaker & Equality Activist |

Photo by Feargal Agard

Complicity (2018) premiered at TIFF Toronto International Film Festival