The Prestige (2006): “..Thanks to weed and freaking Christian Bale!..”

The Prestige

Photo credits: © 2019 Feargal Agard

“I have a funny story to tell about how The Prestige (2006) changed my life. Years back I used to be a sports guy. I always played football, basketball and I participated with MMA I excelled in all of that. Then suddenly I couldn’t sport anymore. I became 23 years old and I ended up self-sabotaging. I was just 23 and lost. My sports activities had just finished because it was all for sports and not at a professional level. At that point, I had the opportunity to move to Austin, Texas and I found a fulltime job as a pool boy. At the time, I was smoking weed every day. One day I was smoking weed while watching The Prestige with a friend. You know that film by Christopher Nolan with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. It is about two magicians competing to create the ultimate illusion whilst sacrificing everything for it. I had already seen that movie three or four times before, but suddenly -like some sort of epiphany-  I started thinking, I can make that! I can make that film! I was stoned off my ass of course. But there we were, just two stoners and I had just said out loud to my friend that I believed that I can make that film and he agreed. I guess I felt that way because I have always been the one in my group of friends who told the stories. The morning after I looked everything up about the basics, how you make films and where to learn filmmaking and I applied to the Art Institute of Austin. I can proudly say that I am a fulltime filmmaker and that’s all because of that one thought in 2014. Thanks to weed and freaking Christian Bale!” – Jessie Rodriguez

Story and photo by Feargal Agard & Maxime Hallatu.

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