Run to the Beach | Kulari ke Pantai (2018): “..the film has a lovely message..”

Run to the Beach

Run to the Beach (2018) is an Indonesian children’s film, about two girls, Sam and Happy (Maisha Kanna and Lil’li Latisha) who are cousins of each other who used to be very close. Sam loves to surf and is eager to meet her surfing idol. That is why her mother arranged a road trip to eventually meet with her idol. During a party in the city of Jakarta, they meet Happy who is an active Instagrammer. Their parents decide that Happy should join the road trip, hoping that the kids will grow closer. But tensions rise between them and they fight a lot. They pass many places such as beaches where Sam can surf and peaceful grass plains and eventually they rekindle through their childlike ways and the fun times that they experience. The film’s plot is simple, clear and funny. Which is befitting for a children’s film. A scene I liked most displays a cook making satay sticks for the two girls, but he suddenly dances with the satay and he makes these funny movements. Another aspect I liked is that the film has a lovely message, which is that you have to empathize and sympathize with others and not only focus on your own wellbeing. Sometimes you need to put your own aspirations aside to help someone who needs more help. And next to that, if you do this, you never know if your biggest wishes still might come true. I was really able to connect with Sam’s character. Because I love how Sam enjoys life and how she always knew that she wanted to surf. I also knew at a very young age that I wanted to occupy myself with film and I haven’t stopped pursuing my dream ever since.” – Anouk Saint Martin

Photo and story by Feargal Agard


A preview review by FilmLAB 2019 participant Anouk Saint Martin. Find out more about her dreams and aspirations, Click Here.

You can see Run to the Beach at the CinemAsia Film Festival on the 6th & the 10th of March.

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