Still Alice (2014): “..perfectly portrays what Alzheimer does with a person..”

Still Alice

“As I become older, I’m beginning to notice that films do not impress me as much as before, but the film Still Alice (2014) by Richard Glatzer moved me a lot. With other films, I feel that they can be quite entertaining, but not more than that. It felt different with Still Alice. I was actually recommended to watch this film during one of my classes while studying to become a caretaker in a nursing home. The film’s story portrays Alice Howland who is a linguistics professor. She is married with three grown children. It all changes when she begins to forget words and finally she is diagnosed with Early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease. She and her family’s lives are tested while they face this challenge as she struggles to make most of the time that she has. This film perfectly portrays what Alzheimer does with a person, but also what it does with their family members. You gain a better understanding of what the disease does to someone, and how scary it is when you don’t comprehend the world around you anymore. I have to say that Julianne Moore did a fantastic job playing the role of Alice in my opinion. Where I work I don’t have Alzheimer patients under my care. I do know colleagues who take care of Alzheimer patients. I mostly take care of patients with brain disorders, with most of them it was caused by having a stroke. A lot of them also have physical limitations and are dependent on a wheelchair. Whether you have Alzheimer’s, a brain disorder or any other sort of affliction I think it is very important to understand these patients. Taking care of them doesn’t come easily to every person. That’s why I’m happy that I can handle it well.”

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.