The Good Herbs | Las Buenas Hierbas (2010): “This is what inspired me to make films.”

The Good Herbs | Las Buenas Hierbas

“My biggest wish is to make at least one movie in my life. Right now I’m very captivated with the film The Good Herbs | Las Buenas Hierbas (2010) which is a film by Mexican film director Maria Novaro. Latin American films are a big part of my life. They make me happy because they are such reflexive and resonating films that inspired me during my life. Like the ones by Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain, but Maria Novaro’s film stands out to me at the moment. What inspires me is not just the story, but the characters and the way it was filmed. First off, the film is about a girl Dalia who deals with her mother who is suffering from Alzheimer. Her mother is an ethnobotanist who uses plants that can help heal her soul or ease her pain. There is a very strong connection between plant chemistry, the human mind, and their emotions. Links between life, death, nature, and humans. I absolutely love the way the film is filmed and treated in an effective manner. The life and the precious relationship between a mother and a daughter are portrayed in a beautiful way. It touches me as a mother who has a daughter as well. I may not know anyone who has Alzheimer, but this complicated story is told through the characters. Because they carry the knowledge of the kind of characters that they are but also the herbalistic knowledge that they possess. Novaro’s camera utilization and proximation emphasize their relationship and the way she has written the story that these characters portray. Somehow Dalia takes on the role of being a savior and a carrier of knowledge that could serve all of humanity. That is why to me the characters are the most important elements of a film. They are out there to be understood, looked at, to learn from and to be deciphered. This is what inspired me to make films.” – Claudia Exposito.

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.

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