World Cinema Amsterdam: “..I believe that these films can be a reflection..”

World Cinema Amsterdam

“I definitely want to see one of the films at World Cinema Amsterdam. I don’t know which yet. Maybe La Musica de las Esferas (2018), Nadie (2018) or Havana Paisaje Circular (2018). I even got the chance to speak to one of the Cuban film directors. The reason why I’m interested in seeing these Cuban films is because I have been to Cuba twice. It’s a big and beautiful country and there is a lot you can discover there. There is also a big difference between rich and poor. But what I love the most is how they dance and the music style such as Salsa, but also Son Cubano, but also the beautiful women and the people themselves. What I hope to see through these films is how life was back then during the reign of Fidel Castro, but also now that Raul Castro is in charge. I understand that he is more modern and I believe that these films can be a reflection of that. I am curious as to what people in Cuba are experiencing, discovering and if they are economically growing. I just want to know how they are living in 2018. Anyway, I’ll see it in whatever film I am going to watch tomorrow.”

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.



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