Film Review: Double Blind, a ‘short comedy’ (2018).

Double Blind

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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ – 3/5.

Author: Feargal Agard | Runtime: 13 min. | Director: Ben van Bergen | Year: 2018.

“Double Blind”, a ‘short comedy’: What a hilarious comedy short film about a double date that takes a completely different turn. Definitely a recommendation to festival viewers at the Netherlands Film Festival.

When Dutch lead actress, Sabina Petra (‘Heather’), and her companion Natasha Thweatt (‘Marcia’) try a Double Blind Date with two men (Clinton Lower as ‘Mark’ and Michael Carr as ‘Robert’), one more time, during which the difference between what men and women could or would want to expect from such an event becomes abundantly clear.

Double Blind is a short film produced and directed by Ben van Bergen a Dutch writer/actor and director who lives in New York. The story is set inside a typical New York restaurant. And although ‘Mark’ and ‘Robert’ come across somewhat reserved at first, as soon as Clinton’s character ingests some alcohol, things go awry. The style is very realistic and it is not played to be ‘funny’, but despite that there are moments of hilarity one could identify with. Especially at this time, where the ‘#metoo’ movement has made quite an impact. The Blackmagic Ursa 4k camera was used with good results, with as camera operator Dennis Kisilyov. The cast was completed by Christine Cordero as the waitress.

I am one of the first reviewers who has viewed the not yet 100% finished (audio, titles, and color coding are still being worked on) but funny short film, “Double Blind”, which has been submitted to the Netherlands Film Festival. I question whether this short will be admitted in the fest. It seems to me that for the most part ‘known’ individuals are admitted to this festival. And although it appears that this English language short meets the point system requirements. It would be very nice if the Netherlands Film Festival would show this 13 minute short. Because after all, isn’t it all about ‘art’?

Netherlands Film Festival as from the 27th of September till the 5th of October 2018.

Genre: Comedy | Languages: English | Dutch Distributor: Submitted to the Netherlands Film Festival.

In regard to all pictures and trailer footage. All Rights Reserved to the rightful owners.

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