Enter the Void (2009): “..The film makes me think of my dreams and they’re pretty psychedelic..”

Enter the Void

“I’m painting the view in front of me, but the film that speaks to me most is Enter the Void (2009) by Gaspar Noé with Paz de la Huerta and Nathaniel Brown in the lead. It’s about a French guy named Oscar who happens to be a drug dealer and his sister Linda. They both who live in Tokyo. Betrayed by his friend Oscar dies and his floating soul observes his consequences and the life of his sister. I like this film because I feel that Gaspar Noé and I think quite the same. I don’t like to think in straight lines and the film is very psychedelically non-linear. The film makes me think of my dreams and they’re pretty psychedelic. Besides that, I believe that Noé makes use of a post-modernistic theory that I like which is called Rhizome coined by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. In short, it is about the approach of something from a multiplicity of angles and not a linear or chronological order. I am exactly like that. I don’t just look at what is in front of me either. I enjoy having a broad view. I mean why should everything be set? Why should everything go or work to a certain point? While it could go anywhere I like. Because there are many different points to go to. You can choose what you want and you don’t have to let anything in your way decide what you should do. I’m an exchange student at the moment. I first had a Dutch student as an exchange student staying at my home in Russia and now I am staying with a Dutch student in Amsterdam. It’s all part of the exchange program that I’m part of. I love it here in Amsterdam. It is really free, which is just what I needed.”

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.