Hacksaw Ridge (2016): “..but what would I do if war comes to us?..”

Hacksaw Ridge

“We recently saw Hacksaw Ridge (2016) directed by Mel Gibson. We are into watching historical war movies because they make us realize that we live in an age and area where all of this violence just doesn’t take place anymore. These things still happen, but not in Western Europe or North America. We often philosophize about these movies whether they take place in ancient times or recent history. I consider us pretty lucky that we do not have to go through war.” – guy on the right.

“I also feel that freedom comes so easy to us and we take that for granted. I mean times have been different before in history, but now we can just walk around and have a beer in Amsterdam without anyone saying something about it. Hacksaw Ridge is about Desmond T. Doss played by Andrew Garfield who wants to join the army during the Second World War because he wants to provide safety, but he’s not into violence. As he says, “I want to be an army medic, but I don’t need a gun. I just want to help out.” At first, the army said no, because they are the army they shoot the bad guys. A lot of people curse at him for that and they didn’t accept him, but eventually, he turns out to be a hero.” – guy on the left.

“It’s a beautiful character driven plot with a guy who is against violence. Being a medic and with his athleticism, he saves a lot of people without having to kill someone. We thought that was so noble and impressive.” – guy on the right.

“It’s based on a true story, I even googled him and they portray it in a realistic way. Sometimes you have brave people standing up to do such heroic things, but what would I do if war comes to us? Would I be the hero? Would I be scared or not? What would you do in that situation?” – guy on the left.

“I think that is the foundation of the movie. It makes you wonder and compare yourself to his situation. I guess for now that will remain a question.” – guy on the right.

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.