The Seventh Sign (1988): “..My intuition is my religion..”

The Seventh Sign

“I saw The Seventh Sign (1988) when I was a lot younger. I think Demi Moore played the role of the main character. It’s funny because when I watched it again a year ago I thought to myself what an uninteresting film with bad special effects, but back then it influenced me. Because I was a young unaware kid who was raised in a very religious family and the story which was about a pregnant woman who is haunted by dreams, a mysterious person who comes to live with her and strange events that could lead to the end of humanity. All of this told me that there is more out there. This biblical, but also Judean type of story made me realize that not everyone has the same religion and not everyone believes in a god. It made me research things like the laws of nature, free-thinking, but even conspiracy theories. It was basically a turning point in my life and my own consciousness. Not everyone has always supported me. I come from a religious family and they probably thought that I would snap out of it after a while. But ever since I have been living on my own I have been able to be closer to myself and I undertake things based on what I feel. My intuition is my religion. I do not solely live as an individual. I totally understand that all humans need to stay in touch with each other and that we need each other, but I definitely listen to my own feelings. I do not allow them to be guided by a collective that tries to tell me that they do things a certain way and therefore I should follow their ways.”

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.

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