Amy (2015) | Avicii: True Stories (2017): “..are you still making music for yourself..”

Amy Winehouse

“We both saw the documentary Amy (2015) about Amy Winehouse. But only one of us saw the documentary of Avicii: True Stories (2017). We are both musicians and just chilling here because we haven’t seen each other in a while. We used to be in an Indie band together, which is why these type of documentaries speak to us.”

“With Avicii, you see a guy who becomes more successful day after day. Within six years he probably did like 900 concerts and shows. He just goes with the flow when it comes to partying and drinking. At age 24 he already had to remove his gall bladder and he had become an alcoholic. He basically forgot who he used to be which was a young happy musician who just wanted to make music. The same thing goes for Amy Winehouse who started out as a fun young music artist who was dragged along by the music industry, used by all the people around her and apparently even by her family. They had a goal in mind, but eventually, they are doing things that they didn’t want to do.”

“There are just so many people involved in the careers of these musicians and they are all trying to get something out of it. Especially the managers who push them to the limit. These managers just aren’t interested in the well-being and personal development of these artists. Hence the fact that such talented people die for no reason other than that a bunch of people wants to make a lot of money over their backs.”

“Our Indie band hasn’t been as famous like Amy and Avicii, but you can easily notice that whenever you take an assignment or a gig and then all of a sudden you do have a manager chasing you. Suddenly you don’t have any time for yourself and that can be too much at times. Sometimes its also the goals that you set for yourself. They can be too high. While you do grow and become more successful, but you can’t see it because you set the bar so high, which causes you to never be satisfied with the success that you’ve made.”

“I, therefore, do see these documentaries as warnings. You can be ambitious, but what is ambition? A lot of money or being world famous? Do you still have enough of an overview, so that you can recognize it when things aren’t going great? So that you can say no? Or are you still making music for yourself because you like it?”

“That’s why my advice would be to be happy about what you’ve accomplished. Take some time to look back at where you were a year ago and don’t go overboard.”

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.



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