Fight Club (1999): “..You just want to be happy with who you really are..”

Fight Club

“Even though the protagonist of David Fincher’s Fight Club (1999) is completely different than me, his struggle to be his own person is something I can relate too. Especially when I was in high school. I knew people that I used to consider my friends who’d think that I was probably not feeling well when I did not behave in a way that they preferred to see. I always had many different interests, such as writing, taking pictures, playing piano and more, but it never felt that those people appreciated that. It caused me to think that I maybe should be more like that ‘other’ person. Then again when you’re trying to be like someone you’re not then you find out that it only becomes worse, because when you come home you’ll realize that you aren’t being yourself. It can be nice to wear a mask at times. Just like the protagonist played by Brad Pitt did in Fight Club. That’s what you do when you’re outside, but when you’re at home and on your own, thinking about your day. You just want to be happy with who you really are and not for what others think of you or want you to be. I don’t want to be like how others want it. I just want to be myself. That’s why I wanted people around me who actually like me for how I am and for what I like to do. At the end of the film, you find out that the protagonist was just a person who created an alter ego. Just to see if he could actually do something he did not have the courage to do himself, but his love story showed his true self.”

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.