Reprise (2006): “ is hard not to constantly compare yourself to others..”


“I re-watched Reprise (2006) recently and there was a lot that I could identify with. The film is about two young aspiring authors who submit their works to publishing houses at the same time, one of them finds success while the other doesn’t. However, the one that finds success goes into a mental downward spiral after achieving fame only to lose it all. There’s a lot that goes unsaid in this film, but you notice it through the treatment of gestures, glances and smart editing choices. Today, with everyone’s lives up on social media for everyone to see, it is hard not to constantly compare yourself to others, in terms of achievements, looks, abilities, etc. I remember about a year ago that I wanted to participate in a branded content film project for a really big brand and we had to make a short film for it. So, I applied and then I got an e-mail that said I got shortlisted, but in the end, I did not get it. Eventually, I found out to whom this opportunity went to and I ended up in a downward spiral of following his posts. I kept thinking how is that better than my short? How could that film win? But I quickly realized that it’s not healthy. It’s probably something younger people are more concerned with, but it is interesting to see how it all ends up, like in Reprise.”

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.