Grizzly Man (2005): “.. I learned you cant force synchronicity to happen..”

Grizzly Man
“During my studies in Italy, years back, I had this struggle with coincidence or better said, coincidence with a purpose: synchronicity. For me that’s when the magic happens while making a documentary. Like for example Grizzly Man (2005). Life is full of synchronicities. I like to believe you can sense them coming. Like last week, how I needed help with a speech and by coincidence someone came up offering me the exact help I needed. However, back in Italy, I learned you cannot force synchronicity to happen. In the documentary Grizzly Man by my hero Werner Herzog you see something similar in the story of Timothy Treadwell, who believed that he can communicate with wild grizzly bears. Werner Herzog doesn’t believe that humans are able to communicate with wild animals, but he is a master in allowing his audience to form their own opinion. But to go back to me studying in Italy. I remember when I wanted to see Seven Years in Tibet (1997) in the cinema’s, and I had this huge backpack with me. I thought it would be a wise idea to ‘store’ it in an empty garbage bin. I was trying to find out wether the garbage bin would be emptied or not in the 90 minutes I would be in the cinema. I concluded: that it wouldn’t. I returned after the movie, and what do I see: the garbage trucks running up and down the streets. And an empty garbage bin. Sometimes hindered by my own rational, I admire that part of what Timothy believed in: looking outside the box of reason. The last footage of Treadwell is that of a bear unfamiliar to him. Treadwell mentioned that he did not feel comfortable around that particular bear. He may have sensed that this may be the bear that would kill him later that night. But some would say that he forced his luck.”
Photo and Story by Feargal Agard.