The NeverEnding Story (1984): “..You have to stay a kid as long as possible..”

Natasja Pattipeilohy

“I’m a mother of two little kids and I can’t help but notice how children’s films have changed so much. One of the most beautiful films that I still love as an adult -I’m not sure if I should be ashamed of it, but whatever- is The NeverEnding story (1984) by Wolfgang Petersen. The moral of the story is that if you cannot fantasize anymore the purpose of life ceases to exist. I see a lot of people living life too fast and children hiding behind their iPads playing games. When I was younger, kids were occupied with their fantasy. Children would get a book without any text in it, but they were still able to read it using their own fantasy. They’d get things that they can use to fantasize entire stories or situations as a form of entertainment, but nowadays people don’t do this anymore. I believe that people need to continue to fantasize no matter what age. Fantasy is so important in life and it is best contributed through films, but you can see that the industry doesn’t consider those films to be important. Fantasy films are very important because we can totally lose ourselves and immerse in it. It keeps your mind clear and healthy, instead of all the pressure that young kids have to go through these days. Twenty year olds have to take big life descisions already. Next to that, pubescent teenagers are told to think of personal branding and because of all the pressure young kids can even end up at a psychologist. You have to stay a kid as long as possible and that even counts for adults. I sometimes go to Jump Square Amsterdam to jump on the trampolines with my kids. In the end, The NeverEnding Story will always remain to be my favorite film, but I miss seeing movies like that.”

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.