CinemAsia Film Festival Interview ENG: Jung Sun den Hollander.

Jung Sun den Hollander

CinemAsia Film Festival is from the 6th till the 11th of March 2018.

Interview by: Feargal Agard | FilmLAB participant: Jung Sun den Hollander

Film: Truth Will Out (2018) & Hangul Blues (2018) | Genre: Drama | Languages: English, Japanese, Dutch, Korean.

I am Jung Sun den Hollander.

“My name is Jung Sun den Hollander and I have attended an acting course at the Utrecht School of the Arts. In The Netherlands where I have mainly worked in theater and youth performances. After that, I even got a Masters in acting in London and I had decided to stay there in order to always keep a foot in the door. It is very booming there, but there are also a lot more people. Slowly but surely I get more acting roles in movies and I have had supporting roles at Villa Achterwerk but also in TV series. I recently played in Dorst, which just came out at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam. It is a feature film with Simone Kleinsma and you happen to see me pass as one of the extras. I also have a lot of experience in writing feature-length scripts for theater. With which I produce my own performances in London and because I had recently written the scenario for a music video, I also began to focus more on scripts for feature films.”

Truth Will Out (2018) & Hangul Blues (2018).

“During the CinemAsia FilmLAB, I worked on two films as a writer. The first being Truth Will Out (2018), which regards a gray area between two lovers, a Dutch guy and a Japanese lady. The area I’m discussing takes place before the guy has even told his girlfriend that he cheated on her, but his Japanese girlfriend already has a hunch. So it’s about not knowing what’s really going on. Director Michael Creutzburg wanted to investigate what would happen between the two if the topic of him cheating had not yet been discussed. ”

“It was very interesting to find out what the director wanted to tell. Normally when I write I am looking for what I want to tell. Why do I write it and what do I want to say? But now I had to look for what the director wanted to say and then I tried to fill it in as best as I could. So I was more of a ‘facilitator’ and that was new to me. ”

“The second film is Hangul Blues (2018) directed by Daan Vree. Hangul is the name of the Korean language. I know Daan Vree, so it was actually funny that they matched us together. The story is about an adopted person of Korean origin who desires to learn the Korean language in order to read the letter from his birth mother. Coincidentally, Daan and I are both adopted and even more coincidentally I write a script for a long film about the same subject. I am writing about the perspective of the birth mothers. ”

“I cannot speak Korean myself, but I tried to learn it for an ‘immersive’ theater piece for a Korean project in England last summer. I was the only one who looked Korean but did not speak the language. I spoke Korean for the piece, but I did that very phonetically. ”

“I was available for both projects and it was very interesting to do research for them, to write their scripts as well as helping with casting and acting. With Truth Will Out I also assisted as an assistant director with rehearsals. In addition, I have also looked for the right people to have certain parts of the Dutch dialogue translated into Korean. It was quite of a task to translate everything from Dutch into English, to Korean and then back, but I managed to do this within my network in London.”

CinemAsia: A reflection of society.

“What CinemAsia stands for is to get Asians more into movies and TV. They want to bring more color and achieve a more truthful reflection of society instead of being just white.”

“I am very proud of the existence of CinemAsia Film Festival. I once saw a newspaper article about Doris Yueng, the former artistic director, who was promoting CinemAsia. I was immediately interested in getting in touch with her through a producer. This was about ten years ago and back then I wasn’t an actor, but over the years the need gradually grew in me to be involved with film and this film festival also plays a part in this. It has now become a much bigger festival. In the future, I hope they keep a good balance between Asian mainstream and Hollywood films and Asian independent and Arthouse films because it would be bad if the mainstream would take the upper hand.”

“Previously, FilmLAB’s design was very different. If you had no experience you could make something and then you were supported by CinemAsia and I still think that idea is great. Now you have a lot more experienced people at FilmLAB. This produces a very different kind of product. So I’m very curious about what this group of creative people will bring to the festival. We are all a bit under-represented in the Dutch film industry and it’s nice that we are working on making ourselves more known. I hope they are granted much more financing for the future.”

My ultimate dream.

“I still have dreams with acting, but my ultimate dream is that I finish the script for the feature film that I’m writing now from the Korean birth mother’s perspective. I definitely want to film it in Korea. The script that I’m writing, is a tribute to the Korean mothers who had to give up their children for whatever reason. I went to Korea last year to do research and I came in contact with an organization called KUMFA. They stand up for single mothers and try to generate more awareness for their cause.”

Do it!!! Als advies.

“What advice would you like to give to other filmmakers?”, asks Feargal.

“Just do it!!! Write a script, if you do not want to do that or if you’re not able to ask for help. Talk and brainstorm with people about it. It is better to have a good story than the latest technology. Many people start with a short film, but I think that if you want to make a feature film, you just have to do it. It’s a very different way of thinking. If you’ve already graduated from the film academy, you have all the tools with you. Now all you’ve got to do is find the right people.”

Photo and interview by Feargal Agard.

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