Crash (2004): “..Of course secretly I do want a leading role, but..”

Crash (2004)

“When I saw the movie Crash (2004) by Paul Haggis at a young age I instantly was certain that I wanted to become an actor. It’s true that I had already began an acting course at the Utrecht university of Arts before I saw this film, but thanks to this film I knew why I wanted to act and express stories in a similar way. I wanted to continue my pursuit for a career in acting. Strong, thematic and theatrical story-telling through powerful and emotional acting performances. That’s what I saw in this film. Their vastly separate lives collided in such an intense way. I do not even need to be in the leading role. Of course secretly I do want a leading role, but as long as I can tell and express beautiful stories such as the ones displayed in this film. I decided to study acting, but I also learned how to write stories. I even got an MA in acting in London. I mainly performed in theater and I have been able to write stories where I could play a role in as well. I also shifted to film acting, which feels different for some reason. I am currently writing a film script and I can see myself making this feature film that is specifically about Korean mother who had to put their children for adoption. I am working really hard to finish the script. All that’s left to do is find the financing and then everyone can see the film in theaters.”

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.