Whiplash (2014): “..I won’t allow expectations to get the best of me..”


“Something I dealt with when I was younger is having sort of an ego when it came to my aspiration of becoming a filmmaker. A film that I can identify this with is Whiplash (2014), which is a coming-of-age story about the path to greatness. Andrew who is a promising drummer enrolls at a cut-throat music conservatory where his dreams of greatness are mentored by an instructor who will stop at nothing to realize his student’s potential. It is a highly competitive course where not many people are admitted. Which is exactly the same situation with filmschool or getting funding from film funds. It might also just be a generation Y thing. We have the highest expectations of the possibilities in this world, but it is all hard to achieve. Ever since highschool I wanted to do something with film.  It is the perfect medium that treats many aspects, but I realize now that it is a lifetime goal. Interestingly an impossible goal that I think might still be satisfactory. I am now ten years further and in the beginning I had so many ideas, but you quickly learn that it is a pricy medium. On the one hand you can just grab a camera and start filming, but you discover how much you need to make a proffesional film. Which means that you need to be prepared for setbacks and persevere. I applied twice for this short film funded project called KORT!. The first time I did not feel too confident about the script, but with the second I was very happy. I worked a year on the script, I found a good producer and we submitted all the paperwork, but we weren’t chosen. It was a setback, but I won’t allow expectations to get the best of me. I will keep applying and submitting.”

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.