Dead Poets Society (1989): “..Like a fish out of water..”

Dead Poets Society

“Dead Poets Society (1989) is a film that touched me in my heart because it inspired me to use my talents and follow my dreams. Robin Williams plays a teacher at a boarding school who teaches his students poetry, literature and morals to form a critical mind and to surpass superficial knowledge. It really appealed to me, because he wants them to aspire something more than just working at an office in the future. After I studied psychology I ended up in a completely different career. I worked for an American corporation, which allowed me to travel internationally. The job encompassed finance, investments, stocks and shares. Eventually I got fed up with it. The salary was super high, but I wasn’t happy. I was slowly bleeding to ‘death’. I was working in the wrong environment. Like a fish out of water. So I quit. I decided to go for my dream and I took theater, musical and singing classes, but everyone thought I was crazy. They even pointed out that It might be too late to make a career change, but I kept going. Until I had a setback. I can sing pretty good, but in musicals they prefer actors who can sing those F and G notes. I wasn’t able to sing that high. I have a low voice which is great for in the Shang Hai Jazz band that I sang with. I ended up doing jobs through temp agencies, which made me unhappy as well. This is why I decided to do a course in film acting. I immediately signed up at many casting agencies and slowly build up a career in acting. Today I can proudly say that I make my entire salary solely based on acting. Nowadays, many directors and casting agencies know where to find me. I may not be super famous, yet, but I love what I do.” – Aaron Wan.

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.