Humans of Film Amsterdam & CinemAsia Film Festival.

CinemAsia Film Festival

I have fantastic news to announce. This year Humans of Film Amsterdam will collaborate with CinemAsia Film Festival. Which takes place from the 6th till the 11th of March. You can visit the festival at the Kriterion and Rialto theatres in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

What to expect?

What does this mean? It means that I personally will interview filmmakers and festival participants. Not only about their work and projects, but also about a personal identification that they can make with a film. In the coming weeks counting till the day that the festivals starts I will post a variety of interviews and when the festival takes place I will go on a mission to approach people to take a photo and conduct a short interview. So if you happen to go to the festival you might be able to spot me.

About CinemAsia Film Festival.

CinemAsia was founded in 2003 and it is the only pan-Asian Film Festival in the Netherlands. The festival shows a variety of themes and genres of Asian films. CinemAsia consciously chooses to be a platform for upcoming and independent filmmakers of shorts, feature films and documentaries, but also to established filmmakers from the mainstream industry. Therefore the films that are displayed at the festival show strong cinematographic and artistic visions.

The festival creates a space where the film industry can meet up and spectators can experience Asian cinema. A multilateral program is arranged every year that surrounds the richness of Asian culture with for example culinary discoveries, meet and greets, Q and A’s and debates with filmmakers. The festival also focuses on connecting the Asian film industry with the Dutch industry through the programs that it offers.

CinemAsia FilmLAB

The CinemAsia FilmLAB is the talent development program of CinemAsia. With this the festival offers a platform to film talent with Dutch-Asian roots. Here they can develop their script into an actual shortfilm. Which will be showed at the festival as well. Every year there is a different theme to which they have to connect their shortfilm with. It is the endeavor to contribute to a better representation of filmmakers with asian roots and their stories in the Dutch TV and film landscape.

Visit the CinemAsia website for more information: