Jason’s Lyric (1994): “It’s like dating a forbidden piece of fruit that I wasn’t allowed to touch.”

Jason's Lyric

“It is a super old film, but I immediately think of Jason’s Lyric (1994). Because I experienced something that is slightly similar to what happened in this film. It is a romantic drama film from the 90’s about a guy named Jason and he meets a girl named Lyric and they fall in love with each other. Jason has a brother named Joshua who is in a gang that’s led by Alonzo who unfortunately is the brother of Lyric. When Jason discovers Alonzo is Lyric’s brother and when Alonzo discovers that his sister Lyric is dating Jason, they both end up in an ugly fight. The gang part never happened in my life, but I did end up dating a friend of my brother once and another time a friend of one of my cousins. They were furious and it is kind of funny, because I did not know that they knew each other. I was basically dating forbidden pieces of fruit that I wasn’t allowed to touch and it sucked.”

Story and photo by Feargal Agard


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