Into the Wild (2007): “That’s why I’m trying to practice with analog photography.”

“I’m in the third year of Film school and the movie Into the Wild (2007) is one of those films that inspired me to occupy myself with raw film and it shaped the favor that I have for a documentary feel. When you see the images in this film, you notice that it is rough, raw and that there is a grainy presence. The images seem loosely filmed and handheld combined with 35 mm images. I like it a lot. That is why I’m trying to practice with analog photography and tomorrow I have to develop it myself. I can’t wait to see the result.”

“The other reason why I love this film is that I like to follow the protagonist as if you walk with him. The camera closely watches him. In this film you experience his story and the events that he goes through up to the point that you start to identify with him. It is films like this one that pushed me to study film.”

“My other passion has to do with documentary. They speak to me, especially the documentaries that were filmed on the streets. I like it when they just jump into a situation and capture those situations.” – Joris

Photo taken by Feargal Agard
Story written by Feargal Agard