Frida (2002): “I watched the movie about 45 times or maybe more.”

“Mexico is my favorite place in the world! After I watched the movie Frida (2002) my boyfriend brought me to Mexico City where you still have Diego Rivera’s house, Casa Azul (Blue House), where Frida Kahlo used to live. It was my dream to see it. You go inside and “Oh my god”, I cannot explain it. It is fantastic. You can just feel her. I cried like a baby when I went inside. I was already very passionate about her. Obviously when you read books, you see the paintings, you try to picture what her life was like, but the best thing about movies is that you watch a film and everything comes to life. It was so well done and Salma Hayek was the perfect choice. She even looks like her. She has got the same vibe and the same moves.”

“I watched the movie about 45 times or maybe more. I know all the sentences by heart. So whenever I watch the movie I just repeat what they say. I know. It is sick. All my friends are laughing about it. I used to watch it every 3 or 4 days. Every time I was feeling sad or stressed I just put the movie on and I feel so much better about everything. Probably because her life was so complicated that everything I went through looks like a very small thing that I can overcome. I mean they cut her leg, her husband was cheating on her like a thousand times and she has been to prison. She is an amazing woman. So after that I just had to go and after a month I went. It is amazing. You saw it in the movie and now you see it in reality.”

“What I have in common with her? The way she loves unconditionally. Love for her man, love for her country, love for her family. Like, she did not care if she got hurt, as long as she is with her man. It is a wonderful thing. I don’t think anyone can do that. People always want something back from their relationship and for what I understood she did not want anything back. She just wanted to love her husband. Plus, I love her country. I am Italian, but my heart is not in Italy. The love that I feel for London, it is like I was born there. I can feel it in my blood. She had the same passion for her country. To me it is like London becomes a person. I always say that London is the love of my life. I call London ‘she’. She is never going away. She is never going to cheat. London is the love of my life.” – Allesandra

Photo taken by Feargal Agard
Story written by Feargal Agard