Nick: The Mummy (2017).

Rating:  ⭐⭐ – 2/5.

Name: Nick | Occupation: film preservationist.

Nick recently saw The Mummy (2017). He rated it with 2 stars and underneath you can read his own opinion of this film. The Mummy will be in Dutch theaters as from June 8th 2017.

“The most significant aspect of the film was this underlying idea of the US getting involved in the Middle East. Maybe that is one of the reasons why they decided to do a reboot of The Mummy, to show a different point of view. In the original films they displayed the prior UK colonized world and in this one they focus on US involvement. I find that a quite interesting aspect.”

“Tom Cruise plays this character who is trying to steal valuable items before the wars in the Middle East get to them. That’s quite different from the earlier films. I also remember that one of the characters said, “we are liberating the treasure”, which is often said about the US taking oil from another country. You see that mindset happening with Tom Cruise’s character.”

“They also added characters such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and so on. Therefore it becomes a more serious ‘Mummy’ film. I sometimes even thought of the Hulk, because of Russell Crowe’s character. Next to that I felt that the dialogue was quite tacky. There is also a supernatural element, which almost made it feel like a horror film. The mummies seem like zombies as they are dead and coming back to life. This is maybe because zombies have become so popular in recent years, because with the earlier films I would not see the mummies as zombies.”

“I haven’t thought so deeply about the special effects. They are nice, but I don’t know if it’s a reason to go to the movies to see the special effects of this film. I don’t find it to be much of a difference.”

“This film more or less has the same story arc as the first three films. They discover something, they try to learn more about it, and then all of a sudden they unleash a monstrous entity, but it is not as fun as the original ‘Mummy’ films. Towards the end it seems to argue that it’s necessary to keep monsters around and that you need to be a monster as well. It’s a complicated ending.”

“It might be worth seeing this film to see how it develops the franchise, but do not expect too much from it. It tries to add something different, but also seems to lose some of the adventure and fun from the earlier series.” – Nick

Photo taken by Feargal Agard
Story written by Feargal Agard