Intouchables (2011): “people in the Netherlands do not care enough for each other at this moment”

“In the film Intouchables (2011) it is beautiful to see how a person can really care for another person. I also think that people in the Netherlands do not care enough for each other at this moment. So, when it comes to that, I really consider this film to be an inspiration to myself. Basically because the people who you do not know, if you would get to know them better, you’d find out that you can care so much for them and that you could even take care of them. This should definitely happen more in Dutch society.”

“In this case the film is about a guy from the streets who is hired to take care of a rich disabled man, and all his friends do not find the caretaker suitable for their disabled friend. But in my case it would be more about being considerate of other people and that you give them the dignity that they deserve. We should also be more out there for one another in a time of need. Take a look at this street. I have no clue who lives here, but basically I would be ready to support you. At least that is how I feel about it. It’s just that I do not have the feeling that most people in the Netherlands feel the same way about this and I believe it would contribute to a better society.”

“Most people live in their own small bubble. This happens much faster in a big city than a small town where you have less of that. And still, I think it can be better throughout the entire country.”

“I did notice one time that I quickly judged another person, but when I got to know this person better it turned out that I was wrong about him. I had heard so many bad stories about this person. That he wasn’t a chill person and that he actually was kind of a loser, but then all of a sudden we were forced to work together in school and we actually ended up becoming good friends. It happened a while ago. We are still friends, but we are less in touch now. But we hung out a lot together for entire year after that and this while everyone around me said so many bad things about him which wasn’t even true. I felt that the film Intouchables was about the same thing, we should care more for one another.” – Jasper

Photo take by Feargal Agard

Story written by Feargal Agard