Stalker (1979): “Looking at that movie I was kind of stunned.”


“What really left quite a nice mark to me was the film Stalker (1979) by, uhm. I don’t know how to spell his name, Tarkovsky. Andrei Tarkovsky was a Russian filmmaker. And his movie has a sci-fi theme. They have this one tower where they painted the US sign on it in the movie. The film kind of talks about the control of humans in a way and people trying to get out searching for a certain key element that is going to release them. I mean of course everything goes the other way as expected and seeing that chimney tower with the US sign is still present in Tallinn, Estonia”

“I always think back about me also kind of moving away from there, because of certain reasons and they are also searching for something different. It is kind of like a desert land and in this empty waste land you are trying to find something for yourself, either jobwise or livingwise” – Ott

“Is that what you felt about being in Estonia?” – Feargal

“Yeah, I was searching for quite a lot of things. I realized that I could not find it there and then I just had to go. I mean I never expected to make that move. Looking at that movie I was kind of stunned, because it kind of resembled me. Well I had my own reasons, of course. It is just like a general feeling. How do you feel when you walk on the streets. How do you feel when you think about your surroundings. If you start thinking more about your surroundings that can be the moment where you realize that you either need a break or you just want to find something else and escape”

“I mean it is not that bad over there. It’s a super nice country, but I mean it is just a general feeling about how you feel right now. I feel amazing here in Amsterdam so I constantly think about that movie and how it has some resemblance with me moving away.” – Ott

Photo take by Feargal Agard

Story written by Feargal Agard

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