How to make it in America (2010): “The TV series … shows the struggle to be liberated from corporate life.”

How to make it in America

“I think the both of us are always looking to be liberated. Especially because we’re from a corporate background. We studied at our university to work for big corporations. The TV series that grabbed us the most which shows exactly the struggle to be liberated from corporate life, was ‘How to Make it in America’. It is basically two seasons about two dudes. Well, we are also with the two of us so there is already this link. And it is about the life in New York and especially their drive to make it in fashion. Not necessarily fashion, but starting their own business with apparel. So their struggle was real. We recognized ourselves in the two characters, especially their drive. Their nonstop drive to keep achieving, but also to keep failing is really important because they tried so many, so many times and we failed as much as they failed. We started since 2014 and we just launched. So, it was trial and error trial and error” – Andrie

“I completely agree. Basically there are these two guys right and they are in their late twenties. They are kind of like late bloomers in a sense and all their friends are making it happen. We felt a bit the same. Some of our friends are already making it happen. Like one of our friends started their own thing and they are super huge in Amsterdam and even in the world at the moment. We felt that they inspire us so much because they are our friends you know. They are our good friends. So they inspire us so much that we had to do something of our own. So, that is also pretty similar in this series and we were like let’s go for it” – Yoga

“There is also this line in the TV series. It’s a very interesting line. On of the guys says to the other. Well, I don’t quite remember the actual words, but one of the guys says, “look ben, I just want to do something for once, you know. I just want to make it happen for once. Don’t just look at what our friends are doing, but we actually doing something for once”. So, it was something like that and that just hit us” – Yoga

“It’s our favorite TV series ever, from back in the day” – Yoga

“We have been binge watching it all the time” – Andrie

“Everytime, yeah” – Yoga


“It was already here I think maybe 7 years ago, 2010 I think. So, we watched it every day, but now its more relevant. Because of all the things happening around us and working for a corporate for a while and then we realized that it is not really our thing. We have a passion for clothing and we just realized that maybe that corporate life is just not for us. It’s been good and such but you feel something empty. Like its not very, I don’t know, I don’t go to work being very happy. But this, when we are working on it, we are happy, because it’s different. That’s the thing” – Yoga

Photo taken by Feargal Agard

Story written by Feargal Agard