Dear John (2010): “Me? Why do I have to answer that? It is your turn.”

“Well my friend likes science fiction films and I prefer romantic comedies and thrillers, so we are not on the same line of thought when it comes to films.” – J

“Yes we are not on the same level per se, we always argue about which film to watch on Netflix and it takes an hour or one-half hour before we can decide which film to watch.” – D

“Is there a film that you both liked?” – Feargal

“Well, there was this old movie that we saw a long time ago. Wait, what is it called again? Now I can’t come up with the name.” – J

“Are you talking about that romantic comedy film? That we both watched? Dear John?” – D

“Yes, Dear John, She did like that film, for example, it is a good film, but old and when I suggested it I asked her if she had ever seen it. She said no, so we both watched the film together and afterward she thought it was an amazing film.” – J

“And now every time that I want to watch Dear John again she is not up for it.” – D

“That is because I have seen it like five times already.” – J

“It is actually funny because I usually do not like the films that she loves. And now that I’ve watched a film that she loves and all of a sudden I happen to like this film so much, which is why I want to watch that film again. She suddenly does not want to watch the film because she has seen it too often.” – D

“She will be watching that film for the second time while for me it will be the sixth time, you know, so I have seen enough for the moment. But I do like the film a lot because it is exciting and at a certain point the man in the film leaves because he is in the army. So, he begins to write letters to his lover and what makes the film so exciting is that everything is so unexpected, you just never know what will happen.” – J

“It has something exciting about it with the letters and stuff, right?” – D

“Yes, it does have something exciting about it with the letters and of course it is also very sad. It is just a very beautiful film. But I don’t think that I would like it if I had to write my partner every day.” – J

“Did you cry?” – Feargal

“No, I did not.” – D

“Oh yes, I seriously did. *laughs* I always cry, even when I am watching ‘Goede Tijden en Slechte Tijden’ (translation: Good Times & Bad Times; it is a Dutch TV Soap series), so yeah I cried with this film because I thought it was so sad.” – J

“Do you guys have a perfect romantic image of what love is supposed to be like on your mind?” – Feargal

*looks at her friend* “Well I guess you should answer that.” – D

*laughs* “Me? Why do I have to answer that? It is your turn.” – J

“Well, I have no clue.” – D

“You need to give each other a lot of love. How can you do that? I think by bringing up a lot of variation, be nice to each other, help each other out and do things together. I have been to a romantic dinner and one time someone booked a hotel room and he decorated the room with rose peddles from the door to the bed and on the bed and in the bathroom. The mirror had beautiful pictures and texts written and that made me feel very special. But it is not like someone brought me to an uninhabited island and engraved my name in the beach’s sand.” – J

“I still think what you had is pretty amazing.” – Feargal

NOTE: One of the girls did not feel like showing her face on the photo, please respect that.

Photo and story by Feargal Agard.