Guardians of the Galaxy: “Easter eggs… it’s more like ‘ahah’ I found one”

“I recently watched the second Guardians of the Galaxy film and they had a lot of ‘easter eggs’. If you’re a comic fan, that would be the reason why you’re actually going to watch The Guardians of the Galaxy. Just for that and the plot is a bit, you know. Well, it was made to please the general public it wasn’t really made for the comic fans, but it was okay to see. But for me it was all about the ‘easter eggs’, for me that was the fun part”

“Now I might sound a bit nerdy. An example of an ‘easter egg’ would be this duck character in the Marvel universe and he is literally there in the movie. So, that was fun and that was one of the easter eggs that I saw. It was only several frames, which is like one or two seconds it was really fast and it was in a bar scene and the duck was somewhere in the background. So it took just one, two seconds and then bam, then it’s done and over. And you were supposed to focus on the main character, they were doing their thing, but somewhere in the background there he was, the duck. So I’m basically scanning the screen and that’s the ‘easter egg’ that I found and that duck (Howard the Duck) actually has its own comic and has nothing to do with The Guardians, but he was there for some reason. I guess they just like to put it there randomly, it’s purely for the comic fans out there” – Josh

“How do you experience an easter egg? Is that important? And how much do you grade this film?” – Feargal

“Well it is not important, it’s more like ‘ahah’ I found one. It is kind of like a hunt”

“I’d give the film two stars out of five because they made it their own downfall. They hyped the first film so much and when the second one came out as mediocre it will be criticized harsher after you’ve build up this hype. Imagine having Avatar two and not living up to the hype that they created as well. That’s the same thing, because they pumped up the marketing so much with the second. While it’s just an okay movie. I’m trying to say that you don’t have to watch the first one to watch the second one and that is how I mean that it was tailored for the general public, but for the comic fans it wasn’t that, you know” – Josh

Photo and story by Feargal Agard