Youtube: “I don’t know if you are familiar with Brian Puspos?”

“I always watch Youtube and it inspired me to become a dancer. My life was very different 5 years ago. Back then I was just working as a waiter or bartender. But it all changed for me after I saw this Youtube video which inspired me a lot”

“I don’t know if you are familiar with Brian Puspos. That’s the guy who inspired me, he is Filipino and lives in the United States. His dance style has a story behind it, it can be about heartbreak, or just something new that happened and that moved me to dance as well. So I can express myself and inspire others”

“What I saw wasn’t just dancing. I noticed how Puspos could be himself and express himself through his movements. So I felt compelled by his dance moves and I always had difficulties to express myself, but I tried to dance and I was surprised by what I could do. I did not expect that to happen. People complimented me, telling me that I had good dance moves. I am not doing it for the compliments though. I do purely see it as a means to express myself and what I feel”

“I thought long about it after I saw that video because I had some doubts. I thought that Brian Puspos was so good at dancing and not everyone is like him or me or you. Maybe this wasn’t for me and that is why I had to think long about it until I was like whatever let’s just do it. I literally rented a dance room with a mirror. I had never danced had never followed classes, but I just went for it and I enjoyed a lot”

“Of course there are ups and downs and there were a few people who told me to quit and go back to working in bars and restaurants. But I don’t take it personally because I grew up during difficult moments in my life. I came to the Netherlands 9 years ago and I was originally born and raised in the Philippines. I experienced difficult times there with my family. Life can be very difficult over there and people have said bad things about me as well and that’s just really not me. It’s easy for them to say such things” – Chris

– “Do you also make youtube videos?” – Feargal

“Planning on it, so stay tuned! *laughs* It is still 50/50 and up in the air, but if I start something on Youtube I want to deliver a full package, but I’m 100% percent certain that I want to do something on Youtube. Until then I have to continue with my dance school and finish it. I have to develop my dancing skills some more and lift myself up to a higher level. I want to get to know myself to the fullest so I’m able to express myself with pure movements and then when I’m ready I’ll start making videos” – Chris

Photo and story by Feargal Agard

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