Requiem for a Dream (2000): “It’s how you get back up that matters.”

“I really like Requiem for a Dream (2000) it’s a good film. I think it is a film about people who do not start at the top, but at a good place and slowly because of their addictions and bad decisions they just kind of end up falling down into a pit that they can’t get out off. So it is kind of a metaphor for how a lot of people fall into those situations. A situation that they just can’t get out off or just can’t deal with. It causes them to fall to the bottom and they just never get back up. Their situation that you can relate with. It is basically a cautionary tale of what could happen if you make really bad decisions.

“I’ve seen this film on DVD with different people over the years and it can be a hard film to watch, but I like this director so I wanted to see this film. But it is a long film and it is also very dark. So somebody can really like it or someone can be like “Oh my god, this is too much”. So it weighs on the personality if they do or do not want to watch something that’s so dark that.

“How this film inspired me? Well, you can reach rock bottom, but if you climb you can help yourself get out of it. I think anybody can fall down, but it is about how you get back up that that matters. So, I think for me that is what I took from this film. You don’t always have to be at the bottom, you can always get back up. You can always conquer what put you down in the first place” – Tim

“Have you ever felt like you were in that place?” – Feargal

“Yeah, I have sort of been up and down at times. I think it’s is part of life, you know. I grew up really poor. I really did not have much growing up. My parents had no money and anything else. They could not afford it to send me to college. I joined the military so that I can afford to go to a university and things like that. Therefore this film serves as a viable lesson I guess about being at the bottom for me. I never wanted to be there again which is why I always work hard so that I can be able to say that I can have this and that and I don’t have to worry about getting the things I want” – Tim

Photo and photo by Feargal Agard