Magnolia (1999): “This film really made me see the double layers of basically a lot of things.”

“The only memory that I have of a film that I would like to mention right now would be of the film Magnolia. I have to say that actually cannot exactly tell what this film was about or what exactly happened in this film. But for me, it really had to do with the feel of this film. I immediately had this particular feeling with this film. Also because it is quite a long film. The runtime is about 3 hours”

“I remember that I experienced it as a revelation that urged me to look at films in a different way. Meaning the deeper underlying thoughts behind the images, the slowness that it can have and the music in combination with the images”

“It all happened at a night that I was watching this film with my friends. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and we really took our time to watch it. And that whole relaxed and slow sort of feel that this film portrays. That is what I think about when I have to consider a film that impressed me. Namely because -like I said before- it provided the chance me to look differently at a film”

“I would describe it as an associative film, because it has a lot of symbolism in it. And I think that the presence of symbolism and particular associations are often present in even more films and it’s purposely intended to be in these films. More than we actually see in films. So in this way we could watch these films in a more symbolic way and I actually believe that it is a great starting point for other films that you might watch in the future” – Romy

“So you mean that we should analyze films more?” – Feargal

“Yes, I mean sometimes you want to just watch a film and get swept away and entertained, without over thinking it. But even in those films there is a deeper layer. And I believe that when you give it a chance you broaden your perspective. Even when you afterward go out on the streets or when you go to work. Even then I think it can be a great addition to your own being. To be able to see things differently through new goggles”

“This film really made me see the double layers of basically a lot of things. so I see this is a filmic realization” – Romy

Photo taken by Feargal Agard

Story written by Feargal Agard