Mike: “I happen to like taking selfie photos with Dutch celebrities.”

“There is not a particular film coming up to my mind. I don’t really have a favorite film. There are so many films and I love so many different types of films. Whether it discusses religion, sexuality, slavery or even a documentary about specific cultures. I just like watching all sorts of films”

“What I can tell you about, is about my own hobby. I happen to like taking selfie photos with well-known Dutch television personalities and celebrities. I have been doing it for the past three years. I just randomly encounter them on the streets. One time I saw Sophie Hilbrand and Filemon Wesselink being filmed on the streets. I happened to be passing them and took the opportunity to take a selfie picture with them”

“Often when I approach these celebrities they ask if I’m doing it on purpose. I tell them that I just love doing this and I am curious to their reactions. I try to approach them with an open mind and a pleasant attitude. I mean they might just think “what does this black guy want from us”. So I do my best to make them feel comfortable, stay relaxed and I truthfully tell them that I just want to take a picture with them because I know them from TV or the movies. They usually become excited about it and I post them on my Facebook and Twitter feeds and I noticed that they would take a look at the pictures”

“Anyway, you should always do what you like to do. You can get a no, but you can always receive a yes. So, be positive and be motivated and you’ll find out that people will notice that and they might like you for it or join you” – Mike

Photo and story by Feargal Agard

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