The Intern (2015): “It is mainly that people don’t believe that women can do great things by themselves.”

“I connected to The Intern movie. Do you know this movie? – Sapir

“I haven’t seen it but I do know about it” – Feargal

“I don’t remember the name of the main actor. He is this very famous guy” – Sapir

“What does he look like?” – Feargal

“White and gray hair, but I really like this movie” – Sapir

“Why does it inspire you?” – Feargal

“Oh why?! Cause it speaks about business and you can see this lady who started her own company for selling clothes online. It really reminded me about the way I began with my business, when I opened my first co-working space. You can see all the drama she has and all the issues and all the problems. But by the end she managed to handle everything by herself. It was really amazing to see. And one of the things that really helped her was to get this really old intern as a community service project and she fell in love with the intern and he had a lot of knowledge.  He really helped her to balance herself and I connected to that” – Sapir

“It is mainly that people don’t believe that women can do great things by themselves. In this movie you can see that the investors of this lady want her to get another CEO, a male CEO, who would actually kind of replace her. She met all these possible CEO’s that her investors gave her on a list and she didn’t like any of them. By the end she met the one that she liked, but the old intern guy told her “listen you are the one who knows the business best. No one can do it better than you”. She listened to him and she kept doing things by herself and the company became really successful” – Sapir

“Is there something you had to face as a woman starting her own company?” – Feargal

“No not yet, it’s been going good, but I really connected to the themes of business and female entrepreneurship. I really liked it” – Sapir

*to Steve* “Do you have something to say?” – Feargal

“For now not really, but when I was young there was this movie that I liked a lot, Van Wilder, because I used to be a party promoter for a lot of years. But ehm forget about it I need to think more to say something” – Steve

“Wait I got a question for you, is there a quote that you loved most?” – Feargal

“Hasta la vista baby! *laughs* I don’t know, I don’t have anything” – Steve

“Well just hast la vista is good” – Feargal

“Yeah its nice” – Sapir

“Why is that quote so memorable to you?” – Feargal

“Because it’s actually a sentence that people like. It is amazing how director’s or script writers can use a quote in a scene and turn it into popular slang that people use, because it is so dramatic and funny” – Steve

“Do you use it often?” – Feargal

“No, but I used too, that’s why it came to my mind” – Feargal

Photo taken by Feargal Agard

Story written by Feargal Agard