Fight Club (1999): “Having an alternative ego to turn to like in Fight Club is really nice.”

Fight Club (1999) is a film that inspired me recently, it’s because of how my mood has been lately. I’ve been kind of up and down, kind of crazy and in fight club, I don’t know the main character makes up this whole alternative alter ego that suits with what he needs at that moment and I’m vibing with that you know. I need that alternative ego to be able to go out there and do those things. I’m not really as outgoing as I seem. Like right now I seem like super outgoing, super crazy, but I’m not normally like that it takes a lot of effort for me to be like that”

“So having an alternative ego to turn to like he does in Fight Club is really nice. It’s just a switch that you can turn on and off. Like when you have to be a certain way right now. When you have to be like all macho! Awesome! Flamboyant! As a Barista! And make everybody like smile. But when you can turn it off, when you don’t have to be as nice to everybody as you have to at work and you just mellow out, is very nice. Because I’m more of an inward-looking person and quiet, I keep to myself. But when I’m at work I have to be this bubbly person, out of my shell, who smiles all the time, rock and roll and be like ‘hey how are you doing? That’s great! I’m so glad that your day is going great’. It’s really nice to have that alternative side, almost like a split personality disorder” – Kayla

“So do you watch that film daily to get that inspiration?” – Feargal

“Oh no, I don’t watch that daily. I think I’d be like messed up with my psyche a little bit. Like I’ll probably go crazy, cause he is like schizophrenic. So I don’t need to watch that daily. But it is kind of nice to see the contrast of everything. It reminds you that you can be two people at the same time and that that is okay” – Kayla

I just wanted to add that Kayla studies photography and she was actually inspired to study that because of Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York. I thought that was intriguing to meet her just like that and finding out that a photoblog inspired her to pursue a particular dream – Feargal

Story and photo by Feargal Agard

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