Amit: Ghost in the Shell (2016).

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 4/5.

Name: Amit | Occupation: student of cinematography

Amit recently saw Ghost in the Shell, he rated it with 4 stars and underneath you can read his own opinion of this film. You can see Ghost in the Shell in Dutch theaters as from March 30th 2017.

I like the theme of Ghost in the Shell, because it is a theme that’s discussed a lot lately. Our technology is becoming so advanced that it is beginning to take us over and we are all afraid of the future of technology

Pretty much the entire film was filled with visual graphics and effects. Even though I am used to seeing such films, this film had a lot more of it and it was really beautiful to see. The combination of the real world and the visual computer-made world had a good cohesion to it which suited the story. So they’ve done a tremendous job, because I really enjoyed the graphics

When it comes to cinematography I noticed these small details with the lighting that they used on Scarlett Johansson. I felt there often was this slight bluish glow in her hair, which to me seemed like it displayed her mood. It gave a futuristic feel to her humanity, but I also saw that with everything that represented something futuristic, so maybe there was a metaphorical connection. Nevertheless, I liked the feeling that they portrayed. Other than that they made strong choices in this film. For example; There was a fight scene on the water where they used beautiful camera angles that made her look powerful and strong

What I did not like as much is that they overdid it with certain shots, especially when they fired at each other with their guns. That often happened in multiple close-ups, where they’d fire bullets and then go wide again. I felt that was too much and that wasn’t needed. It could have happened in fewer shots, but that’s just my opinion

Another thing is that I thought the story-line was kind of a Hollywood cliche. Because it is about a person discovering the truth about her background, which I’ve seen before. Next to that it was a typical action film made to attract a huge audience”

All in all I enjoyed the film and I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who enjoys action, a big amount of Hollywood graphics or if you are into superhero films like BatmanAmit