Nosferatu: “We smoked our last joint and at home and watched Nosferatu.”

“The most beautiful film moment I had was when I watched Nosferatu with a friend. It was a funny situation because me and my friend just finished partying and decided to go to the train station. We smoked our last joint and at home we watched Nosferatu. I had tried to watch this film before, but it was really difficult to watch since it doesn’t have sound or dialogue, just music. So I always had to get used to the situation, but this time we watched it together after smoking a joint. It’s an intriguing film, even though I was familiar with the story I thought it was interesting to see the director’s choices and how films from those times used to be. To me movies from before the 60’s are often slow and they have unnecessary scenes”  –  David

Photo taken by Feargal Agard

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